Starter Combo Pack of Six

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Deevaarit Starter Combo Pack of Six | 50g Each | Approx. 180 Sticks | Six Unique Essence of Incense Sticks in one Pack

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🌟 Introducing the Deevaarit Starter Combo Pack of Six 🌟 Elevate your sensory experience with our meticulously curated collection of fragrances. The Deevaarit Starter Combo Pack of Six presents an exquisite array of scents that will envelop your space in a symphony of aromas, inviting you to embark on a sensory journey like no other. 🌸 Shaam-e-Awadh: 🌸 Bask in the allure of Awadh’s royal heritage with the captivating Shaam-e-Awadh incense sticks. Let the enchanting floral notes and subtle spices transport you to a world of elegance and nostalgia, where every breath feels like a cherished memory. 🌿 Gandh-e-Puri: 🌿 Unwind and rejuvenate with the soothing Gandh-e-Puri incense sticks. Immerse yourself in the herbal tranquility as these sticks release calming scents that cleanse the air and create an atmosphere perfect for meditation and relaxation. 🐘 Vard-e-Vinayak: 🐘 Invite the blessings of Lord Vinayaka with Vard-e-Vinayak incense sticks. Imbued with a spiritual aura, these sticks radiate positivity and prosperity, making them a perfect addition to your sacred space. 🌺 Rang-e-Vrindavan: 🌺 Experience the vibrant energy of Vrindavan with Rang-e-Vrindavan incense sticks. Let the aromatic blend of scents transport you to the heart of devotion and celebration, creating an ambiance of joyful spirituality. 🌞 Uday-e-Banaras: 🌞 Awaken your senses with Uday-e-Banaras incense sticks, capturing the essence of dawn over the sacred city of Banaras. Infused with the freshness of new beginnings, these sticks evoke a sense of purity and enlightenment. 🕊️ Anandam Srinivasam: 🕊️ Discover inner tranquility with Anandam Srinivasam incense sticks. The gentle, soothing aroma resonates with the essence of peace, guiding you towards moments of serenity and mindfulness. Embrace the journey of senses, and let the captivating fragrances paint your world with elegance and spirituality. 🌈 Elevate | Meditate | Illuminate 🌈

Weight 600 g
Dimensions 52 × 16 × 5.50 cm
Technical Details

Brand – Devaarit, Item Form – Sticks, Material – Natural Herbal Powder, Scent – Mix of All, Duration – 60 Min, Item Length – 22.86 cm, Manufacturer – ‎‎Devaarit C/o. Sugandh Sarovar, Country of Origin – India, Item Weight – 85 g Per Pack

More Product Info

• ✨ This pack consists of approx 180 incense sticks; it comes without a stand. Each incense stick has a length of 22.86 cm and a burning time of 50-60 minutes.
• ✨ Made from Natural Herbal Powder, 100% natural essential oils. Devaarit natural incense sticks are hand-rolled.
• ✨ Slow-burning to prolong the pleasure of each fragrant stick
• ✨ Ideal for meditation, prayer, yoga, or simply creating an ambiance of elegance
• ✨ The lingering fragrance of our incense sticks lasts for 4 to 5 hours after burning.


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